I'm currently studying computer science and working on becoming a better software developer & designer.

Last summer, I built software to power indoor mapping experiences around the globe at Mappedin. I have also organized hackathons, workshops, and meetups to introduce computer programming to high schoolers through a non-for-profit I founded, Cipher.

See some projects I have worked on below. Note, this site is still a WIP.

Hands On

Hands on prevents drowsy drivers from getting behind the wheel.

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A therapist that will call you every day, ask a series of questions, and evaluate your overall feeling on that particular day.

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A collection of stories from dropouts. I built this site when I was 15 and got featured on PH.

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Track your goals. A dashboard will illustrate the tasks you've completed and the ones you haven't. You can create and update goals via an SMS bot.

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Iā€™m currently looking for a summer ā€™19 internship.